Dental Imaging Company – Frequently Asked Questions

Digital imaging is all the rage in the dental community. With so many benefits, dental practices can’t afford not to purchase the technology. Unlike the traditional dental film X-rays of days past, digital radiography is ideal for making accurate diagnoses at a much faster pace. If you’re in the process of finding a new dentist, it’s important to find one that utilizes a dental imaging company to obtain digital X-rays. Below are some frequently asked questions that might help you in your search. Diabetic Eye screenings

Q: Why should I visit a dentist who utilizes the products of a dental digital imaging company?

A: Let’s face it: Searching for a reputable and credible dentist isn’t necessarily a fun task. A visit to the dentist can be painful enough (literally); who wants to spend his or her free time conducting research? No matter how arduous it may seem, doing your homework is a vital step in locating a dentist you can trust.

Companies that manufacture high-tech imaging, such as DEXIS and Kodak Dental, are highly advanced; both are considered leaders in the world of digital radiography. If your dentist utilizes the products of an innovative digital imaging company, he or she undoubtedly stays abreast of the latest technology. Digital radiography makes your visit to the dentist faster, more accurate and much more pleasurable.

Q: What are the benefits of digital imaging?

A: The advantages of visiting a dentist who uses the equipment and products of a high-quality digital imaging company are wide-ranging. Remember the uncomfortable dental films that were bulky and gag-inducing? Digital X-rays don’t require films of any sort. Remember how long it would take the dentist to develop the films in the lab, while you waited impatiently for him or her to return? With digital solutions, images pop up on the computer screen almost immediately.

Digital radiography provides dentists with several options, including maximizing, minimizing and manipulation. As a result, they can make more accurate diagnoses than with film. Digital image systems can be expensive; however, they save dentists money in the long run because dental film and chemicals are unnecessary.


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